Evolution of Storage Devices

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Evolution of Storage Devices

Evolution of Storage Devices

(NAS) Network Attached Storage Device 2012

USB Flash Memory 1984

Magnetic tape 1928

Delay line memory 1949

Delay Line Memory is a form of computer memoery that was used on some of the earliest

The SD Card is a compact, prtable memory cards powering the future of the digital world.

SD card 2015

(NAS) or Network Attached storage devies is a computer connected to a network that provides only file-based data storage services to other devices on the network.

Storage Devices

Magnetic Tape is the first storage devies made in Germany. It uses a magnetic recording, made with a thin magneticzable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film.

The (USB) Flash Memoery is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an intergrated (USB) interfance


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