Evolution of Prosthetics

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Evolution of Prosthetics

The Evolution of Prosthetics

By: Zohaib Siddiqui 8A

Evolution of Prosthetics

300 BC

The 1st prosthetic toe was made around 300 BC.


Ambroise Pare made artificial limbs for wounded soldiers, after that prosthetics started to become more advanced. He also introduced amputation as something lifesaving.


The prosthetic arm developed even more and had connecting straps, like brakes on a bike

19th Century


The Function and sensitivity of prosthetic limbs improved and developed biocompatible synthetic materials.

After WWII, there were a lot of injured soldiers so became even more developed and lifelike.


The prosthetic limb still has the same main components, but has other materials to make it better. The pylon supports the prosthetic internally like a skeleton. The suspension system keeps it connected to the body. Lastly, the socket is the part where the prosthetic interfaces with the patient’s limb.Also, DEKA arm system provides feel in the prosthetic itself made around 2014 and 2015.


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