Evolution of Print

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Evolution of Print

Evolution of Print

By Sophia Beers

Invented by Chester Carlson.These creates multiple copies of paper or an image. It helps companies copy documents and forms.

Invented by Friedrich Koenig. First automatic printer because of a steam engine. 1,100 impressions an hour

1802 Cylinder Printing Press

Invented by Gary Starkweather. These were the first to use static eletricity and dry ink, and are fast.

Invented by Charles Hull , these make 3D items by laying down layers. Used to sell for around $2,000

Currently, 3D printers are becoming more advanced, newspapers are mostly online, and a lot of publishing is online. Faster, smaller, and easier.

1969-Laser Printer


Invented by Johannes Gutenberg. Allowed Gutenberg to make the first printed bible in 1452.Human operated and slow

1450 Printing Press

1938 Photo-copier

1984- 3D Printer

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