Evolution of IT

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Evolution of IT

600 B.C.

The Beginnings of Telecommunication:Voltaic Battery:Late 18th century.Telegraph:Early 1800s.Morse Code: Developed in1835 by Samuel MorseDots and dashes.Telephone and Radio.


The Abacus.

Writing and Alphabets--communication.

3000 B.C. - 1450 A.D.


Electromechanical Computing:The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)Howard Aiken, a Ph.D. student at Harvard UniversityBuilt the Mark ICompleted January 1942

Early 1600s, William Oughtred, an English clergyman, invented the slide ruleEarly example of an analog computer


The First Information Explosion.

Evolution of IT



The pre mechanical age

First humans communicated only through speaking and simple drawings known as petroglyths (signs or simple figures carved in rock).

It was the first calculator and One of the very first information processors.

The mechanical age


Punch card idea picked up by Babbage from Joseph Marie Jacquard's (1752-1834) loom.Introduced in 1801.Binary logicFixed program that would operate in real time

The Electromechanical Age

The Electronic Age

The first generation:Vacuum tubes as their main logic elements.Punch cards to input and externally store data.Rotating magnetic drums for internal storage of data and programsPrograms written inMachine languageAssembly language

Large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs and VLSICs)Microprocessors that contained memory, logic, and control circuits (an entire CPU = Central Processing Unit) on a single chip.Which allowed for home-use personal computers or PCs, like the Apple (II and Mac) and IBM PC.Apple II released to public in 1977, by Stephen Wozniak and Steven Jobs.Initially sold for $1,195 (without a monitor); had 16k RAM.First Apple Mac released in 1984.IBM PC introduced in 1981.


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