Evolution of dolphins

by Palomabb
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Evolution of dolphins


It is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations.

Life on Earth evolved from a universal common ancestor approximately 3.8 billion years ago. Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace were the first to formulate a scientific argument for the theory of evolution by means of natural selection.

Evolution of dolphins

About 95 million years ago Mesonix, the ancestor of today's dolphin, appeared on Earth. It was a terrestrial animal that went into the water to feed. Over the next 30 million years Mesonix began to become more adapted to life in the water.After millions of years an air-breathing mammal modified for life in the sea had evolved into the dolphin.

-Forelegs (before)-> flippers(now) -Mesonix's hind legs disappeared-Hair disappeared (not needed) = more hydrodynamic-Nostrils migrated from its nose (or rostrum) to the top of its melon (head) = easier to breath when swimming or resting partly under water.


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