Evolution of Dentistry Tools

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Evolution of Dentistry Tools

Evolution of Dentistry ToolsBy:Natalie Rodriguez

1500'sThe tools that were used were mostly for extraction

1600'sDental Pelican: Used for teeth extractions

1780'sBone Chisles: It was used for digging out teeth

1810'sDental Key: The claw at the end was used for extractions.

1600'sIn this period not only was the ~ invented, but there were also less death during the visitations to the dentist's office.

1700'sNothing really changed much in this century, seeing as most of the tools were used for extraction, no matter the problem..

2000'sDentistry has cleaned up and with technology is faster and easier on the dentist and the patient

1900'sA ton of things have started to change in dentistry, from the knowledge of hygene to the tools, for the better.

1905's Wilcox-Jewett Obtunder: A syringe for antesthetic

1800'sIn this century, dentistry has strted getting smarter and the tools being used got less crazy looking

2000'sDental Drills: Different ones can do different things.

1500'sIn this time people had no knowledge of hygene, so the dentistry equipment were just tools of torment and alot of people bled to death.



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