Evolution of cars

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Evolution of cars

A drive through the past, the present and the future!

Evolution of cars...

Electric CarriageRobert Anderson (Scottish inventor) invented the first electric carriage

First Self-Propelled Car:Nicolas Cugnot, a French military engineer, created a steam-powered vehicle that can run on it's own


Ford Motor CompanyHenry Ford opened his motor company. Ford car company eventually became the world's larget car manufacturer.

First Volkswagen BeetleVolkswagen starts production of the Beetle in Germany

BMC Mini (Starts Production)Alec Issignosis designed the Mini as a tiny car with a roomy interior at an affrodable price.








LamborghiniIn 1963 Ferricco Lamborghini founded the Lamborghini

BughattiThe bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the Fastest production car

Car of the future that can drive on roads, sand, ice and even water


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