Evolution of Boats

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Evolution of Boats


(8000 B.C)-This is the oldest boat ever created in the world. This boat was created by a smart naked ape named Homo Erectus; he constructed the boat to be about 3 meters long with stone tools and unearthed remains.

Evolution of Boats

Steam Ships

Sailing Ship

(Nov.27 1819) – This Ship was invented by Robert Fulton a colonial American engineer boat. His idea was to use the steam to drive a paddle wheel. Fulton demonstrated how wind power that used to capture the energy from a moving liquid and used as a propeller.

Pesse Caneo

(May 31, 1899) – Thomas Andrews Jr. created the idea of the Titanic. He discussed about how they will make this ship to be known as the “unsinkable,” which left a huge impact on what people think about boats and how they have developed.

(April 27, 1990) – Albert Balin invented cruise ship, the purpose of this ship was to make your travels into a vacation which People get to experience swimming pools, restaurants, theaters, etc. These ships are still evolving today!

Cruise Ship

(Nov.27, 1450)-The Mesopotamia people created this ship; these ships dominated trade routes by Europeans that settled in many parts of the world. This type of boat was the first to make battle ships at sea, soon sailing vessels reached their peak in speed and efficiency.

(April 7, 2015) – Built by Allseas, this massive ship has a large capacity for long-lead items such as the power generation equipment, thrusters, and DP system. There are many lift systems and pipelay systems, an example would be the jacket lift system. This ship has been proven to have one the largest platforms and installations ever created in a boat.

Pioneer Ship


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