Evolution of Boats

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Evolution of Boats

The GHOST protype is proclaimed to be the first super cavaiting watercraft .Which means it creates a bubble of gas which makes it move through water with have low friction .Also it is invisible to enemy radars.

Built in 2013,with the price of 15 million this amazing boat is controlled by an IPad. Only a few square meters actually touch the water. So it skim through the water.

The first and last nuclear ship that was made in the 1950s named the N.S. Savannah. Because nuclear power is not a viable source commercial ship.

In 1912,it was the BIG boat and it was a luxurious boat of that time period. However it crashed into a ice berg which left the titanic a boat disaster in history.


By: Jeffrey John

~5000BCE-3000BC:The Mesopotamian sailors invented sails.To make boats better an faster.

300-Vikings invent clinker building to make boats more faster and more efficient.

The Evolution of Boats

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