Evolution of Audio Devices

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Evolution of Audio Devices

Evolution of Audio Devices

1877The Record Player

1970'sThe Boombox

1979Sony Walkman

1982The CD player

1992The smartphone


The first record player was made by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877 who created the machine to record and playback sounds. The early record players would have tin foil inside and would tear if used to much. Early record players were cylindrical like what Thomas Edison made but they were soon replaced by flat disks which are more commonly found now

The Boombox was made by the Netherland company Philips in the early 1970’s .The basic design is two loudspeakers and a handleIts main function was to record sounds from the radio and record them on a cassette.

In 1979, Sony developed the Walkman which is a little cassette player that contains the music that you wanted to listen to. It came with 2 headphone jacks so that multiple people could listen to it at the same time. It was also very portable and made a use for headphones

In October 1,1982 Sony made the first CD playerthe first time it came out on the market was in 1984Emi, sony, and universal launch copy-protected CDs in 2001.

The smartphone was invented in 1992 and much has changed. The bluetooth feature on new smartphones allows phones to connect to bluetooth speakers and such and connect to them wirelessly. It also came with a built-in speaker to project sounds/music from your device

The IPOD was made in October 23, 2001. The ipod was capable of holding between 2-128 GB of space which is about 2000+ songs right in your pocket! The IPod went through many different changes through its time going through “generations” of Ipods from the original IPod to the IPod Touch.

Smartphones and IPods have combined to make Iphones and the newest Iphone 7 (or Iphone 6s) is coming out september of this year. The Sony Walkman is now high resolution and has better sound quality than most devices.

2015Today and Beyond

By: Joshua Yu

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