Evolution of an Atom

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Evolution of an Atom

I was a smart man, Because I determined the charge and weight of the electron by dropping charged paricles of oil into water. one electron=1/1840amu

I cocluded that the atom was mostly open space with a solid core called the nucleus. I came to this assumption by bouncing atoms off of gold foil, also i found the proton in the nucleus and the elctron revolves around this positevly charge particle

Evolution of an Atom

384-322 B.C

Robert Millikan1868-1953



James Chadwick1891-1974

Sir William Crookes1832-1919

J.J. Thompson1856-1940

Henry Moseley1887-1915



Today's Model

John Dalton1766-1844


Earth, Fire, Air and Wind are composed atoms, the smallest particles known

Theory: -atoms are indivisible/indestructable-one element is same throughout-atoms differ in elements-atoms are speratated combined or rearranged in chemical reactions

I found out that an atom has a negatively charged particle in it through the cathode-ray tube. I pretty much invented the T.V.

I was the first man to find a subatomic particle, I called the electron. I beleived this particle was suspended in the atom like plum pudding.

I ,James Chadwick, found another subatomic particle in the nucleus called the nuetron. It has no charge and equals the mass of the proton at 1 amu

The number of protons in the atom determines the atomic number of the element.Each elemnt's atom contains a unique positive charge in the nuclei.

Today we know that the atom consists of a nucleus with protons and neutrons inside of it, the proton is positively charge and the neutron has no charge. Around the outside electrons are orbiting the nucleus in an open space called the electron cloud. We also know the protons and neutrons can be broken down even further into particles called quarks. aslo atoms can differ in the number of electrons to make an isotope.


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