Evolution of Airplanes

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Evolution of Airplanes

The Wright Brothers created the first sucsessful aircraft in 1903. They discovered that birds angled their wings for balance and control. So they tried to do this with an airplane. They finally made the first sucsessful airplane on December 17th in North Carolina. This flight lasted for 12 seconds, going 120 feet. This first airplane was a big help for travlers and others.

The Spirit of St. Louis is the first airplane made solo made by Charles A. Lindbergh on May 21, 1927. This happened in The National Space Museum, in Washington DC. This flight made it across The Atlantic Ocean, and that is pretty amazing for back then. While desining this airplane, a thought was in mind to achieve; to get to Paris.



In 1946, The DC-4 airplane took place, going 215 mph, and was made during WW2. The DC-4 was supposed to be the "big brother" of the DC-3. This took place on June 7th, 1846. The DC-4 was a popular plane in 1946. The DC-4 became more popular than the DC-3, and is now used as a cargo transport plane.

The Bleriot airplane was also the last name of the inventor, Louis Bleriot. He was an aircraft designer that designed the Bleriot airplane in 1909. On July 25th, he made the first flight across the English Channel. The first time he tried to fly this plane, it was watched by a crowed of people. He then tried it and it worked going 45 mph.




The 747 airplane had a wingspan of about 211 feet and it can use only 2 engines to work. However, they have four engines. They used four engines for more power, such as taking off. It can fit over 500 people and even has stairs. Did you know that the Wright Brothers could of fit their plane inside a 747?



Evolution of the Airplanes


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