[2015] Alexis Rice: Evolution

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[2015] Alexis Rice: Evolution

Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin

This theory of evolution is one of the greatest in the history of science because it is supported by a ton of evidence from paleontology, geology, geneics, & developmental biology.


This theory can be described as "descent with modification."

Controversy:To this day many people still question the validity of this theory. Mainly politicians and religious leaders because they believe in a higher being to explain this world. School boards also debate whether this theory should be taught in schools. Scientists beleive that a lot of people have deep religious beliefs and still accept this theory of evolution.

In 1859, Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. The idea behind this theory is that organisms change over time as a result of changes in physical or behavioral traits. These changes will help the organism to be better adapted to its environment; will help it survive & have more offspring.

What is evolution?


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