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Evidence Vocab

Evidence Vocab (Glog 2)Kevin DuongMrs. WaltonMay 12, 2014(Words in Parentheses is definition in my own words)

Structural Evidence-Body parts that differ from each other but are the same species(Evidence of same species having different traits)[Picture shows same bone structure but are different species]

BiochemicalEvidence-Indirect evidence of specific coding of gene.(Genetic changes recorded in organisms before, but recorded to prove changes)[Picture shows different kinds of corns from different time periods. In the past, corn looked very different from modern day corn of today.]

Fossils-Trace of an organism from the past(Evidence of a past organism)[Picture shows fossil of a once living organism]

Embryological Evidence-Ancestors that had embryos w/ change in their bodies that possess foreign features.(An ancestor gave birth to different/foreign traited offspring.)[Picture shows species of offspring having different species from its ancestors]

Vestigial Structures-A structure in an organism that has lost all or most of its original function in the course of its evolution.(Structure of an organism that lost its original function due to evolution)[Picture shows evolution of whale's bone structure having undergone changes throughout the course of evolution.]

Geographical Evidence-Existant of theory in relation to the existence of an idea.(Theory of something having existed before with evidence)[Picture shows same owl species in different locations, having existed in an area before but separated by some event]

Analogous Structures-Body part that is similar in function to another organism but is sturctured differently.(Body part with similar function as another organism but structured differently.)[Picture shows body parts of species having similar bone structures but structured differently.]

Homologous Structures- It's when very different animals have bones that appear very similar in form or function and seem to be related.(Different species having the same structure or traits making it seem like they may be related)[Picture shows different species having the same traits seemingly related]


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