Evidence to support evolution

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Evolutionary Biology

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Evidence to support evolution

Evidences used, to support evolution


Textbook definition:Trace of an organism from thepast.My definition: a bone, a shell,or an imprint from an animal that lived long ago on earth.

Homologous structure

Textbook Definition: body partthat is similar in structure on different organisms, but performdifferent functions.My Definition:Many different organisms have 1 or more similar body part structures but the functions are different.

Analogous structure

Textbook definition: body part that is similar in fuction, as a body part of another organism, but is structurally different,My definition: organisms with a body part that has a similar function, but the body part is built up differntly

Vestigial structures

Textbook definition: remnantsin a organ, or structure that functioned in an earlier ancestor.My definition: pieces in anorgan or structure, thatan earlier ancestor had.

textbook definition:formation, development, structure, and functional activities of embryos.My definition: the growth of an embryo.

Embryological evidence

Biochemical evidence

Textbook definition:Biochemical changes, reactions, and mechanisms relate to the chemical processes that happen in living things. My Definition: changes in the relation to chemical processes that happens in living things, and organisms.

In this picture, theseare bones,andshells. and imprints,of animals that usedto live long ago.

In this picture, the man, cow, horse, whale,and bird all have the similar body partstructures, but they areall used for different things. like the wing forthe bird is to helpthem fly but for the cow the arm helps them walk

In this picture, all of theseare wings, which help the animal fly,but all of themare built up differentlyaltough they have some ofthe same body parts, its structured differently.

In this picture, humans,have an tubecle likemonkeys. who are saidto be humans ancestors.

In this picture,it is showinghow these embryosgrew and developedinto a monkey, hen,and lizard.

In this picture,it is showingthe difference, in aminoacids in each animal.


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