Evidence Of Evolution

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Evidence Of Evolution

Evidence of Evolution


Embryological Evidence

Geographical Evidence

Structural Evidence

Biochemical Evidence

Homologus Structure

Analogous Structue

Vestigal Structure

The embryos shownshow that in early life stages of different organisms are verysimilar

Fossils are pieces or full structures that have been preserved in amberor the ground from the past

Geographical evidence means that the Earth shows evidence of similar organisma once living in similarareas then being isolated and evolving

Structural similarites are found from in the past

This picture represents biochemical evidence because it shows the slight differences in the two structures and how they once might have been the same type of molecule

The bat and dolphin have similarstructures, but these structures are used for different purposes, the finfor swimming, the wings for flight

A vestigal structure is a body part that is no longer of use, and it's just there, Like humans have an appendix, whales have a pelvis even though it is unecessary

A butterfly and a bird wing are bothused for flight but they have completely different structures

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