Evidence of Evolution.

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Evolutionary Biology

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Evidence of Evolution.

The evidence for Evolution is everywhere around us.

Evidences of Evolution. Jacob Mullin

If you look say at a rock from 1 billion years ago, you'd uncover fossils from single-celled organisms. Advance to 550 million years and you get multi-celled simple life. Continue this path and you continue to get more and more advanced species that come along after a certain time period.

Analogous Structures are different in origin but they all serve the same purpose. They all are used for flying, but they have the different structure. This shows that organisms evolve in somewhat of the same way, but they just evolve differently.

Vestigial Structures are animals that have a certain trait but they don't use anymore. This usually means that they once used that feature, but over time evolution has caused them to not need that feature anymore. This proves the common ancestor theory because some of the traits were once used in different spieces, but they then evolved to not use them anymore.

Here, the bat wings, the mouse forearms, and the human forelimbs are all the same structure. This means that they had a common ancestor. The Homologous structues are all the same structures but they may not serve the same purpose. This proves that they may have once been used for the same thing but have since evolved to different uses because of the environment.

Phylogenetics is the family tree of genetics which always dates back to the common ancestor. Cladistics is the idea that members of the same spieces share a common ancestor. These ideas show that all spieces once had a common ancestor that can be traced back to find. It also proves that spieces are closely related in some way proving the common ancestor theory.

Natural selection is most often called the surival of the fittest because it is truly the ones most fit for their enviroment will survive. Species evolve from use and disuse of traits in their environment. Artifical secection is basically the same thing, except it is with Human interaction. It is where you breed desireable trait holding organisms to make more desirable oganisms. Natural happens naturally overtime, but artifical happens by human interaction.

Natural and Artifical Selection

Distribution Of Related Species


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