Evidence of Evolution

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Evolutionary Biology

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Evidence of Evolution

The Fossil Record - Fossil are a record of the history of Earth, or atleast that is what Darwin believed. Lyell and Darwin both assumed that the Earth was millions of years old. Darwin compared fossils upon fossils and old rock layers to come to the conclusion that, Earth, over time, had changed.

Evidence of Evolution

Most animals have different uses for their limbs, but naturally they're all homologous structure, which are those with similar bone antomy. Similarities include arm structures from a cat to a human arm.

The higher the the proportion of characteristics tat two organisms share, the more recenly they diverged from a common ancestor, also considered cladistics.

EmbryologyThere is a lot of similarites between embryotic states of different animals, that states that creatures are derived from common ancestors.

The study of distribution of species is called biogeography. Phytogeography is the study of distribution of plants.

Pangea was a supercontinent that formed 300 million years ago, and eventually broke apart after about 100 million years

Natural Selection - is a procress of becoming more or less of biological traits. Artificial Selection - is breeding other plants an animals for particular traits.

Survival of the fittest was key to maintain a steady species group


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