Everything we had

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Everything we had

Charactersveterans who are telling there own stories from in the vietnam war.

Author: Albert Santoli

Title: everything we had

Main Eventsthe Vietnam War

Settings Each story is from a different setting and place during the vietnam war.

"Good Book" Report

Plot & conflict

Favorite Passages

What do you think about the Book?

The plot of my book is to tell of the real life experiences in the war.

"The guys were all new, their first couple of days in country, and they were all wondering what it was going to be like. Joking, smoking cigarettes, playing grab-ass in the line-it was pretty loose. I mean, nobody was saying, "straighten up. stand in formation," none of that."

My book is very informational and brings new insight to the war that only real first hand accounts could give you.



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