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Social Studies
European history

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Everything Elizabethean

Everything Elizabethean

The Upper Class are always seen wearing flamboyant over the top clothing to show their status.

The Middle Class try to imitate the upper class using their own means.

The Lower Class were not so much worried about fashion as they were worried about just having clothes on their back.


Cultural Changes


Crime was apparent throughout all of the classes. The lower class might steal some bread while the middle and upper classes migh "accidentally" beat their wives to death, but either way the punishment was... DEATH!


The lower class was limited to hut like houses, and were lucky if they had more than one window and a chimney.

The middle class had the most advances in architecture due to the gentry, who someti,es had more money than the upper class and could afford to build extravagant homes.

The Upper Class didn't really build new things, but rather stayed in their inherited family homes, still beautiful nonetheless.


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