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Language Arts

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Everyday Use

Day One Bell-ringer:Visit this website and skim through the information to refresh your memory of what was happening in the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s.Day One Exit Slip Questions:1. What is the significance of the title in relation to the central conflict of the story?2. Are there ways in which Maggie is "better off" than Dee?Day Two Bell-ringer Journal:Row 1 - Think about the narrator's personality and her feelings about her daughter Dee. In what sense is this "her" story?Row 2 - Which side of the heritage argument do you tend to lean toward - Dee's or Maggie's/mamma's?Row 3 - Which side do you think the author tends to lean toward? What makes you think that?

"Everyday Use"

by Alice Walker

You will be assigned to compare and contrast one of the following:

Venn Diagram

Think About It...

1) Mamma vs. what Dee wants of Mamma 2) Dee vs.Wangero3) Dee vs. Maggie4) Wangero vs. her companion5) Marriage vs. relationships6) Uses of different items: names, Polaroids, bench, butter churn quilts7) Mamma vs. Maggie - values and lives lived



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