Everyday life in Virginia

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Everyday life in Virginia

In colonial times women and men had seprate jobs, women could not work outside of the house most of their jobs were at home , preping food, finishing chores, raising children, making seasonings, growing vegetables, just taking care of the family. On the othe hang men could have multiple jobs such as, craftman,artisians,tradesman, black-smith,carpenter,plumbers,ect.


Jada Gray-Marsh


The settlers and/or pilgrims in the Virginia colony were strong minded about christianity. They believed that following god was the right thing to do. As well as they thought they were predestined.Mainly all of the settlers in Virginia were puritans, ready to reform the christian church. They were so sharp minded about their religion that they thought that you always had to be hard working , if not they believed you were a sinner. Hard work at all times was the puritans work ethic.


The people in Virginia used cloth to make their clothes, they didn't just make cloth for clothes they also used cloth to make bed spreads, curtains, ect. In virginia and also many other states they had colors.Most people think in the 1600's that they had wore dark clothes most of the time that statements false.

what did they use to make clothes?



1607 - virginia becomes an original 10th state1650-growth of the tobacco increases1705-slavery becomes legal

Important Events Jamestown, first permanent English settlement established.John Rolfe introduces tobacco Colonists revolted. (Bacon's Rebellion)they make slavery legal.

Everyday life in Virginia

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