Every living thing on Earth depends on water

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Cycles & Processes

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Every living thing on Earth depends on water

on water.

on Earth depends

Every living thing on

Watch video to learn about the water cycle.

Try your hand at this fun game, Droplet and the Water Cycle. Your task is to get Droplet safely from the forest to the ocean so that he can be evaporated by the sun. Good luck!

Try these games, puzzles, and word vocabulary games, whlie learning about the water cycle! Can you complete the water cycle diagram?

Credits Video clip for the Water Cycle:http://bit.ly/fvW3EWVideo for the water cycle song:http://bit.ly/ftc7PWImages from GlogsterThe hyperlink to the Droplet and the Water Cycle game: http://bit.ly/e87i2The hyperlink to the Water Cycle Jigsaw puzzle and games:http://bit.ly/eEQa7M


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