Everyday life in Elizabethan

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Everyday life in Elizabethan

Everyday life in Elizabethan England

12 pennies make a shilling which makes .012 of a US. dollar20 shillings make a pound which makes 1.65 US. dollars

"The situation of our region, lying near unto the north, doth cause the heat of our stomachs to be of somewhat greater force: therefore our bodies do crave a little more ample nourishment"

The money used

Food supply was scarce for the working class

There were puritans, catholic, and Atheism. All of this in a country built mostly of Christians

The Globe where Shakespear's plays were held gave the people living in the harsh society hours to excape their lives

The inpact on shakespear

"Make-up base of white lead and sulfur, various dyes on the cheeks, beauty spots drawn on, eyebrows plucked thin, lips thickly lipsticked and hair powered, pinned and perfumed."




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