Every Day

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Every Day

CharactersA- A has been switching bodies for as long as s/he can remember. S/he is in high school at the moment and has gotten used to waking up everyday in a new body. A is a very smart, clever teenager who knows exactly how to go throughout his/her day. Rhiannon- This character is Justin's boyfriend. A was in Justin's body for one day, this is how he met Rhiannon. Rhiannon is a sweet high schooler. She is in an abusive relationship but denies it. Reverend Poole- This man is who Nathan consulted after he thought he was possessed. Reverend Poole tries to help both A and Nathan. Nathan- Nathan was a boy that A was in for one day. He suspects something is wrong, so he goes to Reverend Poole for answers. He is in high school and is a very open minded teenager.

Author: David Levithan

Title: Every Day

Theme/ MessageThe theme is love and sacrifice. The message of this book is to work hard for what you want, but sometimes you cannot always get what you work for.

SettingsThis book is placed in present day Maryland. Mostly the book is placed in a rural area, but it depends on the person that s/he spends the day in.

Bookreport Written By Karissa May

Problem, conflict

Author's Writing Style

What you think about the Book?

There are two main conflicts in this story:The first main conflict is that A fell in love with Rhiannon, but it is hard for the two to be together. That creates a major external and internal conflict for Rhiannon. She has to decide whether spending her time with A is really worth it, or if they were not supposed to be together in the first place. The second main conflict is when Nathan, one of the boys that A lived the life of for a day, attempts to find out about A. He realizes something was not right the day that A was in his body, so he gets professional help. Nathan tells Reverend Poole about what happened to him that day, and the two of them work together to get to the bottom of it.

David Levithan's writing style is unique and different from other authors. His books, including Every Day, all have a distinct style to it. In Every Day, it is written from a point of view of many different characters in the book. David uses vocabulary that teenagers would understand. This author is writing to an audience who enjoys thinking out of their boundaries and exploring different novels.

I would give this book a 5 star review. There was romance in the book, so anyone who likes romantic novels would enjoy this. I thought it was really cool that A changed bodies every day. Anyone who likes books that are unique should give this novel a chance. This book was really good and I would highly recommend it to anyone.






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