Everglades Narional Park

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Everglades Narional Park

Everglades National ParkSouthwest Florida Established 1947

This is a Great Blue Heron, It is catching sunlight on a mudbank in the wonderful EvergladesNational Park Service

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This is a picture of a Florida Panther waiting to get a bite to eat. Other animals are: Green Tree Frogs, Pig Frog, Squirl Frog, Wood Duck, Sea Turtles, crocodiles and many more species.National Park Service

Amazing mangroves exist in the Everglades especially near the water. Other plant life include the Cypress species, Orchards, Hammrock speciesNational Park Service

Everyglades National Park is a great park in many intresting ways. the Everglades National Park was established in 1947 and it offers lots of history for its visitors.Another reason why anyone would want to visit the amazing Everglades is that they have tons and tons of fun learning activities. Visitors to this park are never bored. One activity visitors do is go fresh-water fishing! when you go and fish you need a couple of things before you reel in a big one,youneed live or dead bait, a fishing lincense and a great and luckey spot. Another great thing to do is go on there estonishing animal tours. You can see there aligators and crocidiles or what ever animals intrest you the most. These are a few reasons why anyone would love the Everglades national park!

This is a map of the Everglades. Click on the map above if you want to hear audio about the Everglades National Park

This breath taking image is the Everglades National Park. This picture was taken from a helicopter or some kind of aircraft. It is a beautiful picture of the Everglades taken from highin the sky.National Park Scervice

This picture is of the extrodaniry and adventouris Everglades. This picture was taken at sunrise near one of their bodys of water


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