Events leading up to independence from Britain

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Events leading up to independence from Britain

Events leading up to independence from Britian


June 17, 1775

April 19, 1775

The Proclamation of 1763 set the Appalachian Mountians as the tempory western boundary line. Britian set the boundary to prevent more fighting and to stop westward expansion. This angered the colonists and started more conflicts with Britian.

The Sugar Act lowered the tax on imported molasses.Parliment hoped the lower tax would covince colonists to pay the tax instead of smuggling in the goods. This act also let officers sieze goods without going to court. The Stamp Act placed a tax on all printed material like newspapers, wills and playing cards. All printed materials had to have a stamp.

Sugar Act : 1764Stamp Act: 1765

The Boston Massacre was a fight between the Bostonians and the soldiers. Nervous redcoats fired into a crowd of colonists killing five people.

March 5, 1770

The Tea Act allowed the British East India Company total control of the trade for tea in America. It also let the company sell directly to the the shopkeepers.

The Boston Tea Party was angry men disguised as Mohawks boarded the ships in Boston Harbor at night and threw chests of tea overboard.

Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773


Coervice Acts 1774

The colonists renamed the Coervice Acts the Intolerable Acts. The act was intended to punish the colonists. The act closed the Boston Harbor till the colonists paied for the tea thrown overboard and prevented other goods from coming in.

The Battle at Lexington was when the first shot was fired which is now know as the"shot heard around the world." At Concord, the Minutemen, waiting for the British turned the redcoats back.

The Second Continental Congress included some of the greatest political leaders.They began to goveren the colonies, print money, set up post ofices and create the continental army.

May 10, 1775

The Battle of Bunker Hill was a loss for the colonists and a win for Britian.Britian had about 1,000 dead and wounded soldiers after the battle. the British learned that defeating the americans was not going to be easy.


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