Events Leading to the American Revolution

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Events Leading to the American Revolution

Events Leading to the American Revolution

Time Line

Stamp Act and Sugar Act

Lord North, the new Prime Minister, repealed the Townshend Acts upon hearing of the Boston Massacre. A period of relative calm followed in the colonies until the Gaspee Incident. This event involved the hated and infamous Captain Dundingston, a ruthless enforcer of British regulations. I'll save that story for the next time line.

The Boston Massacre marked the first deaths in the American Revolution. The confrontation began when an angry mob refused to disperse at the command of British troops.

There is a lot of controversy over the initial gun shot that started the massacre. In the end, 5 colonists died. Britain repealed the Townshend Acts in effort to restore peace. But the left the tax on tea in place

The Stamp Act and Sugar Act were Britain's attempt to cover some of the costs of the French and Indian War, during which Britain defended the American Colonies from falling to the French


Stamp Act Congress and Boycotts



Townshend Acts



The Boston Massacre

Townshend Acts Repealed - Tax on Tea Remains

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The Stamp Act and Sugar Act were repealed but Prime Minister Charles Townshend still tried to impose taxes to cover the costs of defending the colonies. He passed a series of taxes on paper, paint, glass, lead and tea.

Colonists protested the Stamp Act and Sugar Act. Some organizations like the Sons of Liberty enforced boycotts of British goods. Other colonists like James Otis outlined legal objections to the taxes


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