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Even Now

Even Now

1: Emily settled down (from crying), her eyes big and blue as they looked straight at her. She made a soft sound, and Angela had the sense--as she'd had before--that this little girl would be a fighter, a child of determination. Already she knew what she wanted and when, and she wasn't about to go unnoticed. ... But Lauren believed Emily was dead. - Even Now - page. 1392: "This is Emily Anderson." The girl waited a moment. "My mother's been missing for ... for eighteen years, and I thought maybe you might be--" ... "Emily!" - Even Now - page. 250


This resembles the separation Shane and Lauren had to go through when their parents were separating them.

Protaganist:Emily Anderson

Description of the main character:Lauren Anderson is seeking and hopeful

Setting:-Modern day-Many states in USA

Conflict: Lauren Anderson and Shane Galanter, two wonderful outgoing teenagers, find themselves on a pathway to destruction with the discoverance that they will be having a baby. Both of their parents are shocked and not ecstatic about it, leaving them no choice to separate the two and destroy the great bonds of friendship.


Point of View: NarraratorTheme: Hope

Emily: A young joyful girl who is always excited to discover new things and meet new people.Shane: A young man who is willing to take risks for love.


Resolution: Emily, with the perserverance that she has, finally finds her parents and reunites them.

Climax:#1: Lauren, after being separated from her soul mate drives with Emily and the money she has to try and find him. While they are traveling Emily picks up sudden pnemonia. Rushing home, Lauren makes it too late to the hospital and is told her baby is dead.#2: Emily, after eighteen years of struggling, finally finds her mother.

Pretty Cheesy: but watch til' 1:15

Tough Decisions are to made.

Summary:Lauren and Shan, childhood friends soon discover they will be having a baby their Junior year of High School. Their parents are furious and force the kids to separate. The baby is finally born, but gets sick, and was presumably dead. Lauren leaves and heads to college. 18 years later Emily, their daughter, finds both of her parents and reunits with them.http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/289644.Even_Now


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