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Evelyn and Flor

Oprah Winfrey By Flor

Barack Obama By Evelyn

Our famous African Americans By.Flor and Evelyn Oprah Winfrey Barack Obama By Flor By Evelyn

Fun facts1.Obama ran for President in 2008.2.After his parents divorce his father return ed to Africa. Obama stayed with his mother. 3.Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham [nickname Toot] died the day before Obama was elected in 2008....

Interesting Facts Oprah's parents names are Vernon Winfrey and Vernita Lee.Did you know that Oprah was abused when she was a child? When she was born her parents got separated and they were not married. When Oprah went to live with her dad she wasn't allowed to eat until she learned 5 new vocabulary words.When Oprah was going to be born her name was going to be Orpah but the midwife misspelled her name and putted Oprah on her birth certificate.

Oprah childhood.When Oprah was 14 years old her mother send her to Nashville so Oprah could live with her father.Oprah went to Tenneesse State University and Nashville East High school.Oprah doesn't have kids and is not married.

Why is he famous?He is famous because he is the first black president of the united states

Personal Background childhood?Obama playded basketball. He was very smart at school.

Married, childrenobama married the former Michelle Robison in 1992. They have two doughters : Malia is [1998] sasha [2001].

family life [As an adult]Before Obama got married he was in school he wasvery succsesful student he was good at writting and editing .

What iILearnedI learned that if you study hard and work hard in school you might actually get the job you want.I feel that when you want to do something, wishes comes true. I think that Oprah affects our world because she has helped many people.

JobsOprah has some jobs too but not a lot. I'm going to tell you what jobs she has. Oprah is a talk show host and an actress.So now you heard 2 of her jobs.

Websites I Usedwww.gale.cengage.com/free_recources/bhm/bio/winfrey-o.htm and www.biography.com/articles/oprah-winfrey-9534419 and those were the websites I used.

Why is she famous...Oprah winfrey is famous because she is a talk show host, a actress,and a broadcasting executive.


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