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"He rushed beyond the barrier and called to her to follow. He was shouted at to go on but he still called to her. She set her white face to him, passive, like a helpless animal. Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition" (Joyce 3).Eveline realizes that even if she does escape from her home, there is a chance that she will never escape her problems because she does not know what her life with Frank will be like.

"Everything changes. Now she was going to go away like the others, to leave her home" (Joyce 1).Eveline wants to escape her home because she has been in the same town her entire life. She is reminising about her childhood friends, and remembers how they moved on from the town. She notices how much everything changes, and wants to escape those changes and problems.

Evelineby: James Joyce


"But in her new home, in a distant unknown country, it would not be like that" (Joyce 1).Eveline is eager to see distant countries, and to leave her home. She wants to have new experiences far away, and wants to find out what life will be like away from home. Eveline thinks that her problems will stay behind when she leaves.

"It was hard work -- a hard life -- but now that she was about to leave it she did not find it a wholly undesirable life" (Joyce 2).Eveline begins to doubt her escape because, even though she wants to leave, it is almost as if she does not want to regret her decision.

Throughout the story, Eveline tries to escape from the life she knows, and thinks of leaving her home with her fiance, Frank. She thinks of all the benefits of leaving Ireland and her drunken father. However, she remembers the two children who have been left to her care, and wonders what would happen to them if she left. Eveline realizes that by trying to escape her problems, she could end up making the problems at home worse, and could also be trading her current problems with her own family for new, and possibly worse, problems with her new husband. She learns that trying to run away from problems is not the way to solve those problems.

Theme:Escaping one's problems will not solve one's problems.

"She stood up in a sudden impluse of terror. Escape! She must escape! Frank would save her" (Joyce 3).When Eveline hears her deceased mother's voice in her head, she knows that she needs to change her life, and knows that the only way to change it is by marrying Frank, and leaving Ireland. 

"She was about to explore another life with Frank" (Joyce 2).Eveline wants to enjoy the world beyond her home. She knows that by marrying Frank, she would have the chance at another life, one free of her current problems in Ireland.

"If she went, tomorrow she would be on the sea with Frank, steaming towards Buenos Ayres" (Joyce 3). As their departure draws closer, Eveline starts to question her decision to leave. She wonders if she will encounter the same problems with Frank as she did with her own family, and wonders if she will be able to escape those situations, as she is now.


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