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Eve Ensler

-Eve Ensler is a play writer, a performer, and more importantly, an acitvist.-Author of the Vagina Monologues-Has performed in multiple plays and has written multile books and memoirs about violence against women and her own personal stories which she felt the need to share with other women.-Has traveled the world trying to help women whom have experienced violence.-Has won multiple awards for her activism, plays, and books suc as in 2011, the Tony Award and in 1997 the Obie Award for the Bagina Monologues.


-Born in 1953 (60 years old)-1996 Vagina Monolgues was written-1998 V-Day was created

-V-Day was inspired from the Vagina Monolgues and from the women who openly shared their experiences with the world.-An organization that to date has raised over $100 million. Created in 1998.-Funds awareness and educates people about violence against women as well as provides safe houses for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Egypt, and Iraq.-"V" stands for Victory, Valentine, and Vagina.

Vagina Monolgues

-Based on stories about women who have learned from Eve and other women that telling their stories about violence and other things they have endured is okay.-Inspired by Eve after talking to women about their experiences with violence.-In the play, different monologues express different emotions like fear, pain, anger, etc.-Has been translated into 48 different lagnuages and is in 140 different countries.



Eve Ensler



V-Day 2013



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