Eve Bunting

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Eve Bunting

EVE BUNTING:*Anne Evelyn Bunting*(age 85)BORN: December 19, 1928Maghera, United Kingdom(Northern Ireland)CHILDHOOD: *Eve is an only child. *As a young child, Eve loved to sit on her father's lap and listen to him read poetry. *Eve's mother opened a lending library from their home. EDUCATION:*At age 9, Eve's parents sent her to boarding school where she obtained a good education.*Eve attended Methodist College, Belfast. MARRIED with CHILDREN:*Eve married Ed while attending college.*They had 3 children, and while Ed worked Eve stayed home to raise the kids. *In 1958 Eve, along with her fanily, moved to California.LIFE AFTER the MOVE:*In 1969, at age 41, Eve felt an urge to write, so she took a writing class at Pasadena City Community College. *Eve Bunting published her 1st book in 1972.THE NOW:*Eve Bunting has been married to Ed Bunting for 50years.*Eve and Ed have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. *Eve's hobbies include reading, and playing golf.*Eve Bunting's home town now has a community Public Library. *There is a section within that library that is dedicated to Eve Bunting, and her books. *Eve Bunting still loves to write!*Eve Bunting is an acclaimed author, who has written over 200 books.

AWARDS:1. Golden Kite Award from Society of Children's Book Writers2. The PEN Los Angeles Center Literacy Awardfor Special Achievement in Children's Literature3. Edgar Award given by the Mystery Writers of America 4. Heal the World Award


From Eve Bunting's 1st Book

To Eve Bunting's Upcoming Book


*Eve Bunting is the author of over 200 books.*She likes to write stories that make young readers think.*Many of her books address sensitive , and controversial subjects.




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