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Evans Glog

Problem is that the ocean is getting hotter and the human race relies heavely on the ocean. The solution is to increase plankton growth in order to absorb the carbon and when they die they take they carbon in there bodys down to the bottom of the comercial.

The pump works with the ocean waves bobbing it up and down. There is a long tube connected to the bobber. The cold water from the bottom through the tube bringing the nutriant rich water to the surface. The plankton thrive on the cold water and then they take the carbon and when they die take it with them to the bottom of the ocean.


Its improtant to understand global warming becuase then we can figure out how to slow it down or even stop it. If global warming consists then you need to understand how to stay safe. Global warming dosent have any good side to it. The earth gets hotter, ice caps melt, animals die, animals we relie on will die and fish that we eat.


The test is to put prototypes in the pacific ocean and record there data for a day and come back and see how well they worked.



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