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Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

To edit our video we used Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro. Using these we where able to add tints, use colour correction, add transitions and other effects. It also allowed us to sync the music to the video. We used chroma keying on Premiere to allow us to create the green screen effect. We also used warp stabilizer on Premiere to stabilize the shots and create a 'wobble' effect. This added to the psychedelic feeling. I also used a variety of different editing software to put together my digipak and advert. Gimp, Photoshop and InDesign were all used, they offered lots of different tools and options that allowed me to create my products. For instance, colour correction, layers and lighting effects were all used in my print products.

We used multiple cameras throughout the filming process. Two HD camcorders and one DSLR video camera. The DSLR was our main recording device and is the one we used to film the actual music video. The two camcorders where backups and behind the scenes cameras. We wanted the best quality possible so we filmed in 1080p 60fps.

Video Camera

To edit, view and share our video we used an iMac, a Mac Book and a Windows PC. We used these to view the footage we had filmed and operate the software we used to edit the video. We also used them for other software like Microsoft Word. This was used to write scripts and plan. We used internet explorer to do research for our video and watch YouTube videos of similar music videos and watch the original music video to our song.

We used a camera stabilizer so that our shots would look smooth and stable. We tested out some shots without the stabilizer and it was difficult to keep the camera still whilst walking backwards. This resulted in a messy looking video. We therefore decided to use a shoulder mounted camera stabilizer which helped a little, but we still needed to use warp stabilizer for the final video.

Whilst filming we needed to use a mobile phone/mp3 player to play to song in the background whilst the actor was walking. To make sure that the actor knew the lyrics and when to start singing, we played the song from a specific point and counted the actor down to when he should start. We also used a portable speaker so that the song could be easily heard from a distance. This also helped with the editing process. We could match the song from the mp3 player to the overlayed track so that it was in sync.

Editing Software


Camera stabilizer

Playback Devices

Construction Stage


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