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evaluation carried on

How did you use media technologies in the research, planning and evaluation stages?

We used Final Cut Pro to edit our preliminary task, this gave us a chance to experiment with new techniques that we had not previously learnt in AS Media Studies. For example green screen, split screen and key framing. The tools within this program were also a lot more complex than simply using I Movie, this made sure that our final music video looked more professional. The tools were used he most were the trimming tool and cut transition, these were the basic tools we needed to construct a video, everything else we used was to make it conceptual and visually pleasing. Many of our shots needed colour and tone adjustments due to the lighting within the shots.

One of our shots in particular was very unstable due to us speeding it up. Within final cut pro we were able to stabilize the shot which made it flow more and less jolty. Without final cut pro the shot may have looked very amateur.

Alongside the filming aspect of media production, editing is also something that is becoming more and more readily available at home. Final cut pro and equivalent programmes such as I Movie are available and a considerably low cost compared to their initial price. As well as developing cameras being a threat to conglomerates, so are at home editing programmes. Both Windows and IOS come pre-installed with editing software, which means it is extremely easy and convenient for audiences to edit pieces at home.Without final cut pro, our music video would of been at a lesser-standard. The programs wide range of tools made it suitable for any project and made everything very customisable.

Final Cut Pro

By making sure the colours/tones were consistent throughout the video, it made it flow better and less obvious that they were filmed on other days. We also put all of our shots into black and white, due to it being a convention of indie-rock. This was the eye catching element of our video and therefore made it stand out, without turning these shots black and white I feel that it would not of had the same indie-rock vibe. Due to us wanting to create a concept music video, post filming editing techniques were key in achieving this. For example mirroring, rotating shots, transitions and speed adjustments gave something different to the music video and made it more contemporary. It also gave the band more of a visual style, linking it to Goodwin's theory.

We used Photoshop to create our logo, which we saturated throughout our whole project. We created it in PicMonkey and then used Photoshop to create two colour versions aswell as making the background transparent. By making this transparent we were able to overlay the logo onto lots of things, which still be able to see what was behind this. I really liked this tool as it made things look more sharp and less thrown together.

Photoshop was vital for our digi-pack. We downloaded templates from the internet, to make sure the dimensions of the cover were correct. The program is very easy to use, we simply inserted our images and text to created a realistic looking digi pack. Images could be easily cut and pasted into the template which allowed us to put the whole thing together in one place. If we had not used photo shop we would of had to hand make the covers, which would of been a very lengthy and fiddly process. We also wouldn't of been able to make changes as easily as it would involved cutting and re-making the whole thing. Therefore photo shop made this process very quick and convenient. Each image was made black and white to carry on the synergy and visual style of our bands products. The brightness and contrast also had to sometimes be adjusted to make sure all the images looked correct together.

Overlaying images within Photoshop gave our digi pack more dimension, as some images looked rather flat on their own. We were also able to place Fuse's logo over images to reinforce promoting the band, and make sure that all the fans know what the logo looks like. One essential tool was text, we would not of been able to make this digi pack if we could of not inserted text. This made it easy for fans to navigate through.

One downfall to Photoshop was that once you get a lot of layers onto one image, it becomes very difficult to move the correct one. The icons on the side panel are not big enough to indicate what is within each layer, and therefore I was constantly clicking within every layer to find the correct one. I wish to develop my skills within Photoshop as there are so many tools that I still do not know about and need to perfect.

We used Wix to create our website at first it was complicated to use but with practice it became was very simple and dynamic to use, as well as free. We simply chose a template and were able to customise to fix our band, although there were a limited number of templates we still managed to capture the indie-rock look that we aimed for. Our site began as a complete blank canvas which allowed us to personalise it and insert our own images and logos.

Our access to a large range of camera (including our smart phones) made it really easy for us to create the music video, even though we are not professionals. The affordability of these shows that filming is no longer limited to just large conglomerates, and at home producers can easily get access to a camera. This is a threat to large conglomerates and has produced a decline in the media industry as this technology is readily available. We also used a tripod within our filming, this allowed us to capture very stable shots in order to create a professional finish. However in contrast to this we had hand held moments, this made the filming look more natural and fun.


The first camera (Nikon D90) we used came out very blurry due to an error. This meant that we had to re-film various scenes, and take a different camera. For this we used the Sony HDR-CX240E. This was a compact camera which meant it was ideal for travelling from location to location.



Overall this site helped us create something very professional looking for no money whatsoever. This shows that people no longer need to buy expensive URL's and can instead work through a site such as Wix. There are options for development through this site as templates can be bought, therefore a variety of budgets would be appropriate for this site.

We could have as many pages within the website as possible which made it very detailed and informational for our fans. Pages such as 'Latest News' and 'Gallery' allowed fans to be interactive with the band and keep up to date with what they were doing, this connection between the band and fans is essential in maintaining a fan base.

Although new technologies have improved the industry due to the advancement in tools such as CGI, Green Screen and camera quality. Advancement in tools such as CGI, Green Screen and Camera qualities have been made, this making large conglomerates produce music videos and films with a 'wow' factor. Although these techniques cost a lot to carry out, at home equivalents are available. For example during the research stages of this task I learnt how to use Green Screen within final cut pro. Therefore this shows that I did not need a vast amount of money to use this technique. However cameras and editing tools are available everywhere, and are accessible at home. This means that low budget music videos no longer need conglomerates. This is a threat to the industry, but an advantage to the consumer as they can create their own at home.

Technological convergence is making it much easier for audiences to produce their own products. With the development of smart phones, such as the IPhone, audiences can film, edit and distribute a product all from one device. Audiences can firstly film their scenes with the I Phones camera and also buy extra products such as fish eye lenses to enhance this. Secondly using software such as I Movie, the film can be created. Finally the product can be uploaded to YouTube straight from the phone. Therefore only one device is truly needed to create a product. This makes it easier for developing talent to get out into the world, as it does not require thousands of pounds to produce. However this puts to question, do we even need production companies? Many more music videos are now being created on lower budgets and are still successful, they do not need backing from large conglomerates.

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