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Evaluate Your Reading and Thinking

Click here to read about Structural and Behavioral Adaptations. Then click on the Nature Files at the top and read another article. Using the questions stems above write four quesitons and then answer them. Record on notebook paper and turn in Monday, Nov. 28th!

Types of Conflict Click on the voki to the right and hear what she has to say about types of conclicts in literature. Go to Storyline Online and read three stories of your choice. Record your thinking ... summary of the problem, type of conflict, your thinking. Share one "loud" idea on our wallwisher site here.

Deep vs. Flat Connections Read the article, A Tough Turtle, linked above.Share one deep connection on the Wallwisher site linked here. Make sure that you tell how the connection helped you understand the text better. Read other students connections too and respond to their ideas.

A Tough Turtle

Connection Wallwisher Site

Storyline Online

Conflict Wallwisher



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