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evaluating information

Evaluating Information

The C.R.A.P testC = CurrencyR = ReliabilityA = AuthorityP = Purpose

How recent is the information?How recently has it been updated?Is it current enough for your topic?


*What kind of information is included? *Is it accurate? *Is it balanced?*Are references or sources for data or quotations included?*Is the information comparable to similar sources?


*Who is the creator or author? *What are their credentials? Who is the publisher or sponsor? *Are they reputable? *What is the publisher’s interest (if any) in this information?


Is the purpose clearly stated?Is this fact or opinion? Is it biased?Do they use emotive words?Is the creator/author trying to make you feel a certain way?Are all sides of the issue fairly presented?


C.R.A.P. test adapted from http://loex2008collaborate.pbworks.com/The+CRAP+Test

Creative Commons LicenseEvaluating Information by Dianne McKenzie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Hong Kong License.


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