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Social Studies

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Why do i have to go?

Where am i going?

Evacuation in WW2:September 1939 - May 1945.

This is the siren sound that would warn people if there was going to be an air raid! When they heard this, they had to take shelter in the air raid shelters. The bombings were the main reason that the children were evacuated from the 'Target areas'.

The main cities are 'Target areas' for the German bombings.You will be much safer out in the cuontryside where there is a much lower risk of this! 60% of you will be returning home within the first four months, but you may have to be re-evacuated at some point! By the end of 1941, city centres, especially London, will be become much safer.

You need to leave the city to go and stay with a family in what we are calling a 'Reception area'. These are rural towns, villages and the countryside around them, such as Macclesfield. You will be safe from the bombings here.

This is a gas mask. It protects me from inhaling any dangerous war gases.

Name: Donald Clarke.Address: Wellacre Boys. Manchester. M41.D.O.B: 1/9/1932Party number: 332

This is an evacuee label. It tells the family looking after me my name, where i am from and how old I am.



wellingtons, shoes and boots



ration book and identity card




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