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Eva Peron

Eva Peron was born was born on may 7th 1919. Evas mother was a mistress to Juan Darte, so he was Evas father. when Eva a young girl her father was in a car reck and was killed. His actual wife ignore Eva and her family at the funeral, and after the funeral Evas life would be hard because her mother wasnt rich. while growing up eva dreamed of becoming and actress and when she was 16 her dream became a reality.And a few years later she started a radio company which was very succesful. Eva married Juan Peron, and a year after they were married he ran for oresidfent and won the election. she used her power to fight for things she believe in, like womens sufferage and improving the life of the poor. when Eva died of uterine cancer her husband preserved her body and made a memorial for people to visit.

My Summary

"I demanded more rights for women because I know what women had to put up with.""When the rich think about the poor, they have poor ideas."

Eva grew up with a poor life and no father, but she lived her life well. She had a dream of being an actress and she didnt sit around, she did something about it. When she got married and her husband became president, she had the power to do something and she did. She believed in more power for women because she was a woman and knew what being ignored felt like. Eva also grew up poor and wanted to change that life for people. She noticedthings that needed to be improved and did something about it.


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Key Events

Fathers death- taught her to be strongOwning radio station- taught her to be independentPresidents wife- allowed her to share her opinions and make a differance

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