[2015] sherrie sotelo (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Eva Peron

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[2015] sherrie sotelo (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Eva Peron

By:Shay Sotelo

Eva liked to help the poor/low working class. Her priest would called her women with no tears cause she never cry, but she was always scared to sleep alone. She loved dogs though her favorite breed is poodles. Eva had a lot of poodles. She owned 63 cars she never had chilren and never thought about it. She made a campaign for female suffrage and organized labor.

Eva was the youngest in her family, and she was the 2nd wife of Juan. She went by Evita and she was an actor. She was born on May 7th 1919 in Los Totdos, Argentina.


Eva Peron 1919-1952

about her

When Eva Died she weightless than 80Ibs. Eva died of cancer she also had and eating disorder which is when you cant eat anything cause your stomach is not letting you. Eva died at the age of 33. When she died she was worth 12 million dollars. she died on july 26 1952


Her musical is called "Evita". Its about her life like its about when she grew up and how she tried to become vice president (which you can read about in the section labeled Vice President) and how she died. Literally about her life.

Eva tried to become cause vice president because her husband was president but they did not want a women to be in charge of anything. She ended up not winning the election for vice president.

Vice President

About Her Musical


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