Eva Mozes Kor Caroline McElvogue

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Eva Mozes Kor Caroline McElvogue

Eva Mozes Kor"The Surviving Angel"

Eva and Miriam Kor, identical twins, after they were realeased from Auschwitz.

Eva, Miriam, and their mother traveling to the concentration camps.

5 interesting facts:1. Eva and Miriam were subjected to experimentation by Dr. Josef Mengele2. Eva's indentification stamp is smeared because she put up a fight when soliders tried to apply it. 3. Miriam's kidneys stayed small while the rest of her body continued to grow.4. Eva donated one of her kidneys to Miriam.5. Eva's main policy was to forgive whoever had harmed her.

"At Auschwitz dying was so easy. Surviving was a full time job."-Eva Mozes Kor

Eva's Three Rules for Living:1. Forgive everyone that has ever treated you the way they shouldn't have.2. Loving one another is the best thing people can do for each other. 3. Fighting prejudice and standing up for what you believe in is so important.

Dr. Josef Mengele

Eva standing in front of the museum and orginization center for children that were harmed in Auschwitz that she built.

Eva and Miriam when they lived in Portz, Romania.


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