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Eutrophication&Dead ZonesBy Blake Bahr

Algae Blooms:Can We Stop Them?Algae blooms are caused by large ammounts of plant food (nitartes) in the water. Nitartes enter water through fertilizers, and exsessive ammounts of bird scat. If we pick up after our pets, and wath what fertilizers we can use, we can stop them.

SAV's are bay grasses. Bay grasses are grasses that float in the bay. These grasses are very important to the ecosystem, because they do provide protection for smaller fish from larger fish, but that means that they drag large fish to other areas. Bay grasses also are a main food source for crabs.

Nitartes and phosphates are essential for plant life, these nutrients are plant's food. But, when too much of these nutrients enter the water, then it pollutes the water with algae blooms. Algae blooms, are when algae spreads across the top of a water body, and cause no sun to enter below the top of the water. Without sunlight, the DO levels decrease, causing no plants to grow, and fish to die.

Nitrates & Phospahtes


Eutrophication, is used to describe an area very rich in nutrients. This is a bad thing, beacsue it causes algae blooms. These nutrients are affected by humans. Humans use fertilizer, which is very nutrient rich, and this fertilizer enters the water, causing algae blooms. If humans were to stop using fertilizer, than it would be much easier to keep the water clean of nitartes, but not completly clean, for dog waste and goose waste are also forms of high nutrient levels.


Dead ZonesA dead zone is a place where no animal or plant, or anything living, can surrive in. There is almost NO dissolved oxygen in the water, making it impossible for plant and animal life. Humans cause nitartes to enter the water, that cause algae blooms, which then casue dead zones.


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