[2015] Matt Clayfield (CHV2Oc): Euthanasia

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[2015] Matt Clayfield (CHV2Oc): Euthanasia


What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the act of putting someone to death painlessly because of an incurable and very painful disease.

When did euthanasia start?

Who is affected by Euthanasia?

The law on euthanasia has affected people that are in pain because of incurable diseases. The law on euthanasia currently states that it is a type of homicide. This makes it impossible for people who are in pain because of incurable diseases to relieve themselves of this pain.

Euthanasia started in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It was viewed as acceptable and was performed frequently by physicians. It was wide spread that people should be voluntarily killed then to be in prolonged agony.

When did euthanasia become a problem?

Why choose this social issue?

Pros and Cons

What is being done about Euthanasia?

Why is Euthanasia impotant?

Euthanasia became a problem in 1920 when two Germans created a book called "The Release of the Destruction of Live Devoid of Value". The two Germans said that it was permissible to shorten the deaths of people and that people have the right to die with dignity. This of course spiked controversy.

On February 5, 2016 (at the latest) the Canadian criminal code on euthanasia will be changed. The ability to euthanize someone will be legal. After this Canada will become one of the few countries to legalize euthanasia.

- Relieves extreme pain- Makes medical care money be available to others- Gives people the freedom of choice

- can devalue a humans life - Involves medical care with death- Can lead to legalized murder

Euthanasia is important because it gives people an end to their suffering and it gives relief to the people around them. Euthanasia is also important because it is a big step in health care. This big step in health care for Canada is important because it gives people the freedom of choice.

I chose the social issue of euthanasia because it is a controversial issue for people around the world and in Canada. I chose this issue because it affects the choices people who are terminally ill and in pain can make. What I can do for this issue is raise awareness.


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