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Bonjour! Je parle Francais!The French language is spoken by nearly everyone in France. The language is very important to the people. In fact they have an organization, the Academie Francais, which sets the standards and rules for the French language. The major religion in France is Roman Catholic (88%!). Few people, however regularly attend church and about 10% of the population practice no religion at all.

Paris has been the center of art and literature since the 1920's. Now it is also known for its architecture, gourmet food, high fashion, and stylish living. World famous poets, philosophers, writers and artists have been attracted to Paris. Many French traditions and customs are still practiced in towns and rural areas. The French are very proud of their cultural heritage. People in France enjoy a good standard of living. They have good health and good schools. The literacy rate is 99%.

Woof, woof. Pets out number children in France and are very important to people.

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Oxfam's Cool Planet is a great website for learning about France. It is a kid-friendly website where you can take a virtual tour of France. It has information about many different cultural topics.

Pictured below is a soccer stadium in France. Soccer and rugby are France's most popular team sports. Most people prefer individual sports like cycling and fishing.


France is known for its food and cooking. The French pastry chef, Marie Antoine Careme wrote a book on the art of French cooking in 1833. This book set the standard throughout the world. France is a major producer of cheese. They like to eat cheese too. The most famous cheeses are soft cheeses such as Brie.

France has an efficient transportation system. They have the metro (seen in the video above) which is a subway system. They also have buses, trains, and cars. The TGV is a high speed train that is capable of traveling over 180 mph!


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