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European Union

- EU is an important economic and trading power and becomes the largest trading group in the world. - By investing in transport, energy and research, the member states of EU seek to sustain. - A new currency, euro, is used among the member states and offers a lot of advantages.



- The beginning of EU (1959): There are six countries. - The first enlargement (1979): The number of member states raised to nine. - For the expansion (2000-2009): There are 25 countries in EU.


- To establish a single business policy - To call off the trade barriers - To corrdinate transpoetation system, agricultural policy, and economic policy among member states. - To cancel the limits of free competition between goverrment. - To ensure the mobility of labour and capital among member countries.

Strueture - European parliament - European council - European commission - Court of Justice of European Union (CJEU) - European court of Auditors (ECA)

- At the beginning, the six founders are Belgium, france, Gemany, Italy, Luxembourgand the Netherlands. - Denmak, Ireland and the United Kingdom joined the european Union in 1973. - Till 2007, there are 27 member states in EU.

Foreign - EU foreifn and secunity policy makes the EU speak and act as on in world affairs and brings the great influence to the member states.


Reason - Sharing the common cultura henritage and having the similar economic development level. - For their own security and interests. - For peace and unity.



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