European Rabbit

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European Rabbit

ERT "Introduced Species"

The white areas are where they aren't present.

Site and Date of Introduction - The First Fleet in 1788 to Sydney

European Rabbit

The grey areas of the map are where rabbits are currently living and breading.

Original Distribution - Native to South Western Europe - North-Western Africa

Scientific NameOryctolagus Cuniculus Common NameEuropean Rabbit

Figure 1: European Rabbit Source: Wikipedia, 2013

Figure 2: Current Distrabution MapSource:, 2013

By Izzy Pugh

Mode of Introduction - Companion animal by early settlers- wild rabbits sent to Victoria, for hunting and gaming

Current Distribution (in Australia)- Not found in tropical and wet areas

Ecological Role:Predators: foxes and cats Prey: native mammals e.g. Competition: Wombat and Bilby

Figure 3: Myzoma Virus Source: Evolution, 2013

Control Level and Methods - Myxoma Virus - Culling - Baiting - Fumigating-Fencing

Figure 3: Rox and Rabbit Source: RoxScan, 2013


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