European Explorers

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Social Studies
Explorers and Discovers

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European Explorers

Conflict between American Indians and European Explorers were Invading land, compettetional trade, language difference, and culture difference.

European Explorers


Cooperation between the American Indians and the European Explorers were that they brought weapons and metal farm tools,success in trade,and crops.

Obstacles that were faced during the explorations were poor maps and navigational tools, diseases,starvation, and lack of supplies.



Hi, our I can statement is I can explain about obstacles,accomplish-ments,and relationships between the European Explorers and the American Indians, by noting maps and making a glogster.

Accomplishments made when the European explorers came to the Americas were goods exchanges,Improve navgational tools and ships,and claimed territories(land).

Reasons for coming to the Americas were spreading Christanity, want to find a water route to Asia, and wanted more land.


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