European Exploration

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European Exploration

European Exploration

The Europeans had a few reasons to want to explore overseas countries like Asia: God, glory, and gold. Conquering new lands and expanding their territory for glory, finding undiscovered resources for wealth, trade routes, and the spread of religion to foreign countries were the main reasons why the Europeans explored in uncharted territories

There were new inventions that helped the Europeans to explore new foreign lands. Some of these include caravels which were ships with triangle sails that helped sail against winds. They also had mappings and schools of sailing in Portugal which perfected their technique and increased their navigational skills as well.


Major European countries that explored foreign lands were the Portuguese. With a strong government support, they were the first Europeans to discover and explore Africa which supplied them with gold, silver and spices. They further progressed down south to the tip of Africa and continued to India with the help of Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco de Gama.


God, Glory,Gold

Trying to go to the Africa and Asia, the Spanish arrived in American soil instead. The first voyage took place in 1492 with the Pina and Nina (boats). He was not actually the first foreigner to go to America. (Leif Ericson in the 11th Century). However, he is more famous to be the one to "find" America. He is also accused of genocide and slave trade by historians. He has been there and back multiple times with different voyages

Christopher Columbus

England and Dutch finally took power in the Indian Ocean trade. Eventually, with great sea power and the Dutch East India company, they drove out England and had access to many countries in Asia. They also established trading posts in South East Asia. Together, the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and British had controlled much of South East Asia and established dominance.



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