European Contributions to the Formation of Canada

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European Contributions to the Formation of Canada

EuropeanContributions To The Formation Of Canada

France and England were at war alot. The war took place in Europe. Whoever won the war had control over North America. In 1670 the French and English competed over the hudsons bay company located in ruperts land in hudsons bay. British won a victory in 1713 which gave them possession of the french peoples forts around hudson bay. The French than built forts closer to the First Nation peoples. They began going to the French instead of the English. Acadia was the gateway to the fur trade and the St.Lawrence River. Therefore, it was extremely important. In 1749 the British built Halifax so that could defend themselves in case of war with France. The Acadians agreed to obey the King of England but would not fight with the British and would not take the oath of loyalty to Britain. Governer Charles Lawrence was mad at the Acadians for not taking the oath and wanted to punish them for it, so he sent them to France and Louisiana territory.Eventually they were allowed back.

7 Year WarThe war started in Europe in 1756. At the end of the war Acadia and new france were under British ruling.

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Canada's ReligionsCanada is a religious country. Both Canada and France are religious. Their religions are mostly Christian and Catholic.

Samuel De ChamplainSamuel De Champlain established the first settlement in Canada. He was also considered the first governer of Canada and was named "the father of New France".

Jacques CartierJacques Cartier is a very important person in the history of Canada. He named Canada! He did this after hearing Donnacana saying 'Kanata" meaning village. He was also the first to bring French culture and language to Canada.

John Cabot:John Cabot was the first explorer to go to Canada in 1497. When he came he found New Foundland. He also found cod fish which contributed to the cod fishing industry.

Jean Talon:Jean Talon developed the economy of New France. He developed the fishing and fur trade. He also built the saw mill to produce lumber for local reasons and for export.

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